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Aaryan Shah is an 18-year old ‘Dark R&B’ vocalist, songwriter, self-taught pianist, and producer from Los Angeles, CA. Immigrating from India at a young age, Aaryan's parents worked day and night to provide him and his sister the life they couldn't have, but he still grew up in a society unaccepting of his aspirations to be a recording artist. Battling the expectations set for him by a judgmental culture and his love for creating music, Aaryan is quickly emerging as one of the youngest acts in the R&B world.

The mask is a symbol of the underrepresentation of minorities in the industry, and how that leads to a new generation growing up with an identity crisis, due to a lack of idols that look like them. The mask is ultimately a reminder that there is no face for someone like Aaryan in the modern world. Growing up with asthma and other respiratory issues, Aaryan uses his mask to challenge and strengthen his vocal ability, as well as his overall health.

Under the management of Errol "EZ" Vaughn, former manager of French Montana, Aaryan has released his single, Vultures in the Night, in anticipation of his two-part album, The Arrival. Alone in a new trend of music, Aaryan has visions to inspire listeners around the world with his music, and attributes his success thus far to the unconditional support of his loving fans.