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Aaryan Shah is an 18-year old ‘Dark R&B’ vocalist, songwriter, self-taught pianist, and producer from Los Angeles, CA. Immigrating from India at a young age, Aaryan's parents worked day and night to provide him and his sister the life they couldn't have, but he still grew up in a society unaccepting of his aspirations to be a recording artist. Battling the expectations set for him by a judgmental culture and his love for creating music, Aaryan is quickly emerging as one of the youngest acts in the R&B world.

Under the management of Errol "EZ" Vaughn, former manager of French Montana, Aaryan has released Part I of his two-part album, The Arrival. Alone in a new trend of music, Aaryan has visions to inspire listeners around the world with his music, and attributes his success thus far to the unconditional support of his loving fans.